About the Delo Tractor Restoration Competition

The Delo® Tractor Restoration Competition was established in 1995 to recognize and reward the creativity, technical aptitude and business knowledge of high school-aged students from around the country. Participants develop teamwork, project management, budget management, planning and marketing skills. All of these skills will enable them to become future leaders in the agriculture community.

“I personally am thankful for Chevron putting on the TRC, as it has made such an immense positive impact on my life. And so very thankful for all the wonderful TRC team, judges, friends I have made through the contest, FFA advisors and parents who make it all possible and such a positive experience.”
Tabetha Salsbury, 2010

Calling all former TRC competitors!

We want to hear from you–what are you doing these days? How have you used what you learned in your restoration and competition since you graduated?

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More History

Winner’s Circle

See who’s taken home the prizes over the last few years.

Before & After Photos

You’re really not going to believe the job these teams have done in making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.